Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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About US

Our Group is made up of local residents for whom this creek provides primary drinking water. For us, the creek provides the purest drinking water you could ever imagine.

Ownership has spanned more than 100 years and the current members of the group have at least 700 years of direct experience and value of this largely untouched creek.

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Thank you to the members of Canaways Creek Community Group for participating in this process. Members include:

bullet Barbara Poynter
bullet Dale Chaplin
bullet Heather Chaplin (point of contact)
bullet John Chaplin
bullet Libby Chaplin
bullet Lorna Latham
bullet Pat Chaplin
bullet Peter Chaplin
bullet Prue Quarmby
bullet Mark Sansom
bullet Philip Sansom
bullet Geoff Schultz
bullet Narelle Schultz

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