Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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The Canaways Creek catchment is just a small part of the overall Tasmanian, Australian, and global environment.

At a global level, climate change has become recognized by all major governments as a serious threat. U.K. Chief Scientific Advisor David King, said "climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today - more serious even than the threat of terrorism."

At a national level, water and the Murray Darling Basin is taking center stage.

It is the thousands of local projects such as logging Canaways Catchment, that are causing these crises. Check out the connections!

The severity of these national and global problems suggests we need to start using the precautionary approach in managing our natural resources. Local decisions can make the difference!

It is time to get serious about securing jobs and ensuring that we do not deplete our finite natural resources.


THE Canaways environment

The environment of Canaways Creek provides both fresh drinking water for the people who live here and important habitat for threatened species.

The environment of the Canaways Creek catchment is key to protecting our water resources. Check out our system!

The Canaways Creek Commuity Group has initiated its own Waterwatch Monitoring Program. Surprise, surprise! The creek is in excellent condition!

Check out our results! Link to latest monitoring results

The habitat values of this area will only increase given half a chance. The catchment is home to healthy Tasmanian devils and the threatened Wedge-tailed eagle.

Link to a list of fauna
Link to a list of birds
Click to view a list of wildlife that live in Canaways Catchment
Click to view a list of birds that live in Canaways Catchment