Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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Logging endangers nests and habitat

The Canaways Creek Catchment is home to the threatened Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle. The Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle is unique to Tasmania and does not live anywhere else.

According to the Forest Practices Authority, there are only 95 breeding pairs still living in Tasmania.

We regularly see these magnificent birds in flight above the catchment. This year we have seen a breeding pair with two juveniles flying right above the creek.

These are exceptional birds. They have a wing span of up to 2.2 meters (that is more than 7 feet). They mate for life and are very shy while they are nesting. Parks Tasmania state that they will often desert their nests if disturbed by land clearing.

  Forestry Tasmania maps from 2003 indicated a number of nests in the area. Forestry Tasmania plan to re-survey the area from a helicopter before logging operations begin.

If nests are found (again), then a 360m diameter circle around each nest will be reserved and logging during the breeding season within 500 m or in line of sight within 1 km will be banned.

Even if these reserves are established, we are still concerned for these threatened species as the proposed logging operations involve:

1. Clear felling and burning of all trees, vegetation and habitat for the birds and their food source.
2. High pitched whistles that are likely to disturb the birds. Impact of noise such as this is known to be a problem with other eagle species.

Please write to Tasmanian and Federal politicians requesting that logging of Canaways Creek catchment be stopped. Please send a copy to us so we keep track of these activities! Thank you! (Mailing list coming very soon!)