Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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Canaways Creek has been the home to our family and many others over the past 100 years.

“Mrs Fanny McCallum was the first women to make her home in the Tyenna District. The place then was all dense forest. A tent was first used, then a log cabin, then a fine comfortable home - Arcadian Home (The Mercury)”. Fanny married twice, having 12 children with her first husband Frederick Chaplin.

Check out some photos of our original pioneers.

Link to photographs of our heritage



The catchment was selectively logged by landowners using horse and dray at the beginning of the 20th century.

The area Forestry Tasmania is proposing to be log includes important cultural sites including a 200 meter tramway and examples of dray lines.

There are historical remains of number of old saw mills in the catchment.

The ability of the catchment to provide important habitat provides a strong argument for Forestry Tasmania to focus on selective logging rather than cable logging and burning.