Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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Forestry Tasmania are currently preparing a Forest Practices Plan that describes how the area will be harvested.

The majority of timber harvested will be destined for the pulp market. It is estimated some 15% of the timber harvested will be suitable for sawlogs.

In meetings, Forestry Tasmania have indicated that they expect roadworks, creek crossings and clear felling to be conducted in the near future.

We had hoped to post information about the proposed logging here so that our members and other interesting parties could understand what is being proposed.



Forestry Tasmania has declined our requests to obtain copies of the draft plan which is so important to our understanding of the project and its affect on our primary drinking water.

This refusal to provide us with the draft plan is also contrary to the standards to which Forestry Tasmania have commited to. These include:

bullet The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) (AS4708), which is internationally recognised by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
bullet The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)14001 standard for environmental management systems



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