Canaways Creek Canaways Creek
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OUR Objectives

The draft objectives of the Canaways Creek Community Group are:

  To ensure that logging operations have minimal or no impact on the creek and maintain Canaways catchment drinking water at its present quality
  To protect the natural values of the catchment ecosystem
  To protect the landscape values and cultural heritage of the catchment area for future generations and to compliment the Maydena Hauler tourism project
  To protect the geomorphology and hydrology of the catchment
  To encourage Forestry Tasmania to manage this area as a best practice demonstration project

The details

The members of the Canaways Creek Community Group are currently reviewing these objectives which expect to be finalized in the near future.

Each objective has associated catchment characteristics, our concerns, our priorities, and Forestry Tasmania statements and agreements to date.

Download the following PDF (128 kb) to view our complete Statement of Objectives.